Climaqx Ultra Grips are being used by professional athletes and thousands of fitness enthusiasts from around the globe. Designed and engineered in Germany, Climaqx Ultra Grips are manufactured with the highest quality standards and ensure significantly better workout results. As of now, you will be able to offer the world´s leading grip assists to your customers! Not only will you benefit from competitive prices, you´ll also be supported by our marketing and sales team to introduce Climaqx Ultra Grips to your customers and members.

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  • Marketing and sales support
  • Excellent customer service
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Differentiate your range from competitors and extend your current product portfolio by adding Climaqx Ultra Grips. To get started, please fill in the form below. Upon receipt of your enquiry, one of our Climaqx account manager will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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Buying lifting straps

In fitness and bodybuilding, various factors will determine success or failure. Especially when training with heavy weights, sweat at the palm of your hand may cause grip failure. Additionally, weak grip strength will hinder to perform more reps for maximum muscle-activation.

Climaqx Ultra Grips were made to provide you with maximum grip and stability while working out. When purchasing lifting straps, many people will face issues to select an appropriate model. We´ll make your decision easy: Climaqx Ultra Grips can be used for both pushing- and pulling exercises! You will certainly not buy a conventional lifting strap, but a tool that will significantly enhance your workout performance. Forget what working out with lifting straps used to be, Climaqx Ultra Grips will change the way you workout!