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Launched in Germany in 2015, CLIMAQX® was initially established in response to the strong demand of lifting grips. Ever since, our small team of designers, engineers, and athletes have intensively been working to improve the physique of our customers.

By introducing CLIMAQX® Ultra Grips, we established ourself as the leading manufacturer of innovative lifting grips within Europe, delivering superior quality products tested, and approved, by athletes from around the world.


With perfection as our driving force, we, daily, challenge our self to adapt and improve our products to better meet the customer’s physique desires.

As design and innovation leaders, we are committed to creating and delivering the highest performing fitness products to the market, to aid athletes in achieving their goals.

As a customer focussed brand, research and development is an ongoing process in which we continuously enhance our products in order to go far beyond customer expectations.

Being a global operating brand, we are seeking to strengthen our market position by introducing the latest advancements in technologies to new and existing markets.


We strive to become the world´s leading manufacturer for innovative gym accessories. With passion, dedication, and commitment to our work, Climaqx® has gained a significant competitive advantage by holding a large market share within the European fitness market. By introducing further innovative products, we seek to increase our global market share.

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Buying lifting straps

In fitness and bodybuilding, various factors will determine success or failure. Especially when training with heavy weights, sweat at the palm of your hand may cause grip failure. Additionally, weak grip strength will hinder to perform more reps for maximum muscle-activation.

Climaqx Ultra Grips were made to provide you with maximum grip and stability while working out. When purchasing lifting straps, many people will face issues to select an appropriate model. We´ll make your decision easy: Climaqx Ultra Grips can be used for both pushing- and pulling exercises! You will certainly not buy a conventional lifting strap, but a tool that will significantly enhance your workout performance. Forget what working out with lifting straps used to be, Climaqx Ultra Grips will change the way you workout!